Welcome to Fort Mill Preparatory Cooperative Preschool!

The Beautiful Bebe's Room (6 weeks - one year)

Our Teachers are dedicated to providing quality and consistent care for our infants. They provide a loving and nurturing environment and have been hand-selected for their genuine love for babies, and their experience in caring for them. To ensure a smooth transition from your home to our program and back home again the teacher will communicate with you on an individual basis. Our ratio in this room is 1-teacher/ 3-5 children.

All infants are on individual schedules as dictated by each child’s parents and physician.

Infant caregivers are required to follow the individual schedule for feeding, napping, and diapering. As changes occur in the infant’s schedule, parents are required to provide those changes in writing.

Each infant will have daily individual attention from the teacher/caregiver. When feeding and diapering, caregivers are encouraged to use this one-on-one time as an opportunity to interact with the infant.

Singing, talking to, and playing with the infant are encouraged and expected. Each baby will receive the following daily: love, rocking, play, care, and talking too from his/her teacher/caregiver.

A Developmental Curriculum for Infants is available to assist staff in identifying activities that are age appropriate to participate in with infants. Activity manuals are available in the Infant Rooms that detail activities appropriate for each stage of an infant’s ability level.

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