Welcome to Fort Mill Preparatory Cooperative Preschool!

Parent Responsibilities? 

Three types: Co-Op classroom parent, PTO (Parent Liaison), and Member
FMPCP officially began in August of 2011 and is York County’s only state licensed parent cooperative preschool. FMPCP differs from other preschools in the county in that it is run by, and for, the preschool families. Each family shares in the operation of the school, from PTO to maintenance (Parent workdays), and assists the teachers in the classroom on a regular basis. The teachers and parents work together to create a positive, safe, nurturing, and fun learning environment for all children. A strong sense of community flourishes within this cooperative structure.


At FMPCP, we believe that children’s learning is fostered best in a positive environment that is taught with creative curriculum standards, child centered, and developmentally appropriate. Children are valued as individuals and treated with respect and understanding of their varied learning styles and developmental levels. Parents are respected as their child’s first teacher and considered valuable cooperative partners to the teacher in fostering their children’s development. We honor the young child’s need for warmth, movement, choice, security, and joyfulness, and intentionally design environments and interactions that nurture the development of the whole child.


The very nature of a cooperative preschool assumes that parents will be contributing, responsible participants in the operation of the school. Parents receive credits, as they choose what works best for their family. 4 credits (not hours) each month are required. We are family friendly and understand that some credits are just as simple as getting items for a cooking project, other credits are you helping us make decisions for the school(PTO)

Co-Op Parent choices:

Co-op Parent Participation in the Classroom:

Parent participation in the classroom is essential to the success of FMPCP. We encourage members not to only be extra eyes and hands in the classroom as assistants to the teachers, but also to share any interests or talents with the children. Due to licensing regulations, younger siblings of enrolled children are not permitted at the school on members’ workdays (with the exception of infants in slings/carriers).$6 per hour credit towards your tuition for a coop parent who has a regular schedule to help in one of our many classrooms.These parents go through the same hiring process as the teachers and must pass a nationwide criminal background check as well as have specific child development training.

Co-op Parent Membership Meeting- Membership meetings will involve important discussion about the day-to-day operation of the school and opportunities for parent education. Meetings will be held monthly, with the Director, Co-director, and Program Coordinator from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm.

Members who would like to be more involved with decision-making, leadership, fundraising, and administration of the school are invited to serve on the PTO or as a Parent Representative. 

PTO Parent Responsibilities:

Please see PTO page for full descriptions.

​Parent Liaison Responsibilities:

The Fort Mill Preparatory Cooperative Preschool parent liaison is the child advocacy and parent support for parents of children who attend FMPCP.

The Liaison's mission at FMPCP is to speak up on behalf of the needs of children, to help parents perform the difficult job of rearing and nurturing children and to motivate and facilitate parent involvement in our school.

Parent Liaison is required to:  
1. Represent and Advocate for the children and be the parent support group leader for your school; and
2. Motivate and facilitate parent involvement in our school; and 
3. Be the communication bridge between the parents and the school and PTO; and
4. Attend a monthly PTO meeting.

Being parent liaison requires an extra bit of time and commitment. A parent liaison needs to be passionate, informed, and fair as well as an organized motivator.  In return, families at FMPCP will reap a whole lot of rewards: a high-quality preschool, lower tuition rates, parenting support and lasting friendships.

Member Parent Responsibilities: 
(This is any person whose child is enrolled at FMPCP)

Each family is responsible for 4 credit hours per month or a total of 40 in the school year from August-May. Eight credits are required during thesummer sessions. There are many ways to contribute to the life of the school and earn volunteer credits that relate to an individual’s interests and skills.A more detailed description of the ways credits can be earned is in the parents’ Job Book. Office staff should initial classroom credits. The chairperson of a committee or activity should sign for that participation. Attendance at a meeting will be accounted for by a sign-in sheet. Office staff keeps a record of credits by the month.

​A total of 40 Co-op credits per family is due by May 31st, 4 credits per month. Unfulfilled credits are billed monthly at the rate of $20 per credit.

Eight credits are required during the summer session, June- July. A record of credits is kept in the office binder.