Welcome to Fort Mill Preparatory Cooperative Preschool!

The Early Learner’s Room (one year olds)

Welcome to the One Year Old Toddler Program at FMPCP. This program will support your child's growth by providing an interactive setting where language skills expand rapidly. We are proud of our One-Year Old room and the fine care that each child entrusted to our program receives. The teachers are dedicated to providing quality and consistent care for our toddlers. They provide a loving and nurturing environment, and have been hand-selected for their genuine love for toddlers and their experience in caring for them. To ensure a smooth transition from home to our program and back home again, our teachers and assistant teachers will communicate with you on an individual basis. The Toddler Room at FMPCP is a fun and cheerful place for toddlers to spend their day. A warm and safe environment and positive interactions foster a toddler's sense of trust and self-esteem. Classroom space and materials are organized to support the toddler's need to explore, to discover, and to be independent. Toddlers are encouraged to participate in daily routines to develop self-help skills and to feel good about themselves. Activities provide repeated opportunities with sensory experiences that help strengthen and develop large and small muscles, hand-eye coordination and promote thinking and communication skills. Teachers reinforce positive behaviors, set limits, and are consistently available to support the toddler's conflicting need for independence and comfort.

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